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8bazaar deals with the best couriers companies in Pakistan which deliver your parcel like a blink of your eye no more patience.

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Every product which you buy from 8bazaar will be delivered to you faster than you ever think. It will happens within 1-6 working days everywhere in Pakistan.

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We make sure that every product you seen on your screen will always in stock, so that we can dispatch your order at same day.

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Quality is the only thing customer seeks in online shopping. Every product quality checked before and after packing so that you will get perfect product as seen on site.

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We can provide online tracking id of your parcel by which you can track your parcel from any where and know when it will be on your door.

Why 8Bazaar?

If you don’t have a time to visit market for household products. 8bazaar is here to help just order and get your desired product on your door step. 8bazaar provide delivery nationwide, doesn’t matter where you from. Delivery time will depends on your territory, if you belongs to a main city of Pakistan or developed rural area your order will be on your door within 5 days max. If you belong to remote areas of Pakistan so it will take little more time but you can get it max 7 days. We assure that people got delivered as early as possible. In major city we provide overnight services.

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